Break Free From Smart Phone Insomnia To Sleep Better At Night

Addictive Games – TV & Movies

Along with the changes in basic lifestyles, video games, tv & movies are becoming more immersive, more exciting and more violent. Fight or flight responses are proven to be recreated in video game players and emotional and hormonal responses can be seen in audiences of all movies types too. “In evolutionary terms, as soon as you have something to which you have to respond, a little blip of adrenalin let’s say, you’re in a mode that might require a response,” said Susan A. Greenfield, senior research fellow at England’s Oxford University. “You have to put yourself in an environment where you can feel relaxed and safe, where you can go back into your inner world just before you go to sleep.” USE Zzzleep™ Natural Sleep Aid TO HELP REGULATE YOUR SLEEP CYCLE It’s so easy to get consumed by the latest fad video games, and having instant access to games right on our bed stand does not help at all. Many people will often end up using hours of their sleep time to get in extra time to beat another level or get bragging rights on their virtual accomplishments.