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Smartphone Insomnia – Addicted To Phone & Can’t Sleep At Night

Addictive Games – TV & Movies Along with the changes in basic lifestyles, video games, tv & movies are becoming more immersive, more exciting and more violent. Fight or flight responses are proven to be recreated in video game players and emotional and hormonal responses can be seen in audiences of all movies types too. “In […]

Managing Your Sleep Cycle In Today’s Busy World

With more and more people around the world suffering from insomnia, exhaustion and sleepless nights, it’s becoming obvious that changes in modern human lifestyles are starting to clash with the ways our bodies have been designed to operate. In today’s 24/7/365 culture, the internet never shuts down, the ability to always find a friend who’s […]

Wash Your Face In Ice Cold Water 30 Minutes Before Bed To Sleep Better

Hack your body’s natural Mammalian Dive Reflex which lowers your heart rate and blood pressure when exposed to cold water. The Mammalian Dive Reflex is a set of reflexes that are activated when our face is cooled or if we hold our breath. The reflex is an amazing physiological mechanism which enables the body to continue […]